6 Coolest Playgrounds in the World

Playgrounds provide children suitable places to develop and unleash their creativity, use their imagination, engage in cognitive and physical activities, and build social skills. Play is important to holistic development. It allows them to learn and have fun at the same time. There are many playgrounds worth visiting from small neighborhood playgrounds to play areas in big city parks. Here’s a look to some of the coolest playgrounds in the world that children would love.

Adventure Playground (Berkeley, California, USA)
Adventure Playground
Top attractions: School-age play area, features a wide array of activities and tools for imaginative play, handmade climbing structures, a zip line, and more

Blaxland Riverside Park (Sydney, Australia)
Blaxland Riverside Park
Top attractions: Waterside park located near the Parramatta River, a facility that allow kids of all ages and abilities to enjoy a wide range of activities; top attractions include the double flying fox, mega-swing, multi-level tree house, spinning play disk, and the Viking swing among many other interesting features

Clemyjontri Park (McLean, Virginia, USA)
Clemyjontri Park
Top attractions: A playground for children of all abilities, a facility built with structures that make it easier for children on wheelchairs or walkers to move around, sensory-rich equipment, lowered monkey bars, a carousel, and a picnic pavilion

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground (London, UK)
Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground
Top attractions: Peter Pan-inspired play area that features a big wooden pirate ship; other attractions include the sandy area/beach surrounding the pirate ship, play sculptures, a sensory trail, teepees, and toys

Fuji Kindergarten play area (Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan)

Top attractions: Uniquely designed and unconventional open-air kindergarten that is like a big playground in itself; no-barrier spaces that allow kids to play and roam freely, an oval rooftop where children can run around

Neptune Park (in Saratoga Springs, Utah)

Top attractions: Towering 30-foot climbing pyramid; features other playground equipment like slides, swings, a play space for toddlers, a play area for older kids, a rock wall, spaces for lots of climbing and spinning, basketball courts, and a pavilion