Advantages of a Log Splitter

Make a wooden toy shelf for all your toys using tim’s favorite log splitter! This handyman tool is practical and efficient at cutting logs. If you want to finish projects faster, you’d use this convenient tool.

Below are the reasons why you should get one.

Saves time

Gas and electric powered log splitters can cut wood faster than manual ones. This makes a lot of difference in time. Powered splitters enable the user to chop wood by merely pressing a button or pulling a lever, making them ideal for those who are old or have physical limitations. The wedge in powered log splitters moves a lot faster too, decreasing the cutting time by as much as 50%.


Easy to operate

Log splitters are easy to use—you won’t need a lot of practice to master it. They split logs with ease, and they work faster than humans. Most modern splitters even have a horizontal and vertical design, making them much comfortable to operate.

Less messy

Say goodbye to the sawdust, wood chips, and other debris that chainsaws produce when you manually cut wood. With a log splitter, you’ll have a neater working area. Because honestly, who loves cleaning up the mess anyway?


manual-log-spiltterWhat you’ll love about manual log splitters is that they’re friendly to the environment since they don’t produce fumes or chemicals as they aren’t run with fuel.

Gas-powered log splitters don’t produce many fumes too. So don’t worry; they have a small impact on the environment.

Needs little maintenance

Log splitters don’t need to undergo day to day, exhaustive maintenance procedures. You just have to lubricate them to allow them to work efficiently. And that’s all you have to do. Compared to splitting using an ax, log splitters don’t need any sharpening, making them a lot easier to maintain.

I know you’re excited to use a log splitter, so after getting the right splitter for you, you can check out the following projects you can start with.

Must-Try Projects Using a Log Splitter

Log Coasters – Having a booze night or a tea party? These are perfect!

Candle Holder – Make a small candle holder for romantic nights! Place it on the dining table for a dramatic effect or nail it on the wall.

Log Stool – Ideal for verandas and patios

Side Table – Place it near your couch or bed, and let it serve its purpose!

Tree Shelf – Perfect for books, toys, office and school supplies, and more!


Happy safe splitting!